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Fuck You She's Awesome

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Fuck You, She's Awesome
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Our rules are mostly the type that are hopefully obvious, but we're stating them here for the sake of clarity anyway. Read them, remember them, and apply them before posting/commenting, and everything'll be fine.

1. This is a comm designed for praising women, not for bashing them. If you want to write "Cameron's a whore but Thirteen's GREAT!", please don't. Praise Thirteen all you want. Write about why you like, what you think her best moments on the show were, why you consider her an unusually strong female character -- whatever you like. Refrain from bashing Cameron. But that doesn't mean that all posts have to be free from critique. If you want to complain about sexism in a show and use Cameron as an example of sexist attitudes or misogyny being applied by the writers, go ahead. But do it in an intelligent manner. Name-calling's discouraged, but thoughtful deconstruction about how a female character is pushed to the side or a good concept is horribly written? That's the sort of thing we love here.

2. Likewise, try to keep the drama at a minimum. If someone loves a character you dislike, either come up with rational reasons as to why you don't like said character, or refrain from commenting at all. Do not make it personal -- insults along the lines of "if you like her, you must be a slut as well!" are the type that'll get you banned. No exceptions. Intelligent discussion and fangirl squeeing are what we're looking for here; we want this comm to be a place where you can both rave about the characters you love and talk about how they're presented and what could be done better.

3. We welcome posts like those made at ship_manifesto, except centered around a female character instead of a pairing. Long essay-style posts with images or quotations as proof to back up points are loved, and will listed in a special post by fandom. Essays about general trends in fandom, or general trends in specific shows, are also accepted as long as they have something to do with women, such as the roles of women, the relationships between women, or even the costuming of women and what their clothing says about their purpose on the show/book.

4. If your post is image-heavy, please use an lj-cut. If you don't know how, read this FAQ. If your post is also longer enough to require scrolling, again, please use a cut. If your post has spoilers in it, please use a cut and warn for spoilers! This rule applies no matter how old the canon is.

5. This isn't really a fanworks comm, so please don't post fic, music videos, songs or poetry here. We will hold fic-a-thons, at which point fics or poems can be posted in responses to the challenges, but apart from that, this is meant to be mainly a discussion community (see rule 6 for exceptions). If enough people in the comm have the talents for making music videos, we'll definitely hold contests for that as well.

Graphics, however, are allowed as long as they're pro-woman, meaning they feature women in positive lights. Graphics covers wallpapers, icons, layout headers, profile banners, friends-only banners and colorbars. All members are encouraged to submit layout and profile banners specific to this comm here, since the layout of this comm rotates and we value member participation.

6. Instead of posting stuff to the comm, please check for the month's link round up post for recommended works or for your very own works. We'll collect links for works that are female-centric and positive, and then make a rec list on the first of each month. For what's appropriate, please see rule 7.

7. This comm is het, femmeslash, and gen friendly. Slash is liked by both the mods but since it's male-centric, it's really not appropriate here. There are a ton of comms to discuss slashy subtext or the feminizing of male characters, so please go to one of those if that's what you want to discuss. If you want to discuss subtext between females, however, go ahead! For het, though, we prefer that the focus stay on the woman in the relationship so that it's more about how she relates to him and how that relates to the larger issues of the canon as opposed to focused their True Love. Gen, again, should focus on a female character. Femmeslash -- well, it's hard to see how that could not focus on women, so nothing really needs to be said about it. All ratings, genres and fandoms are accepted here. Original work is encouraged as well.

8. All media are loved. Books, TV shows, musicals, games, anything. As long as it's got a female character to talk about, it's a viable source.

Examples of what's acceptable:

  • A post talking about your favorite female character (s) with/out images and quotations.
  • A post talking about your favorite moment(s) with female characters, citing the canon(s) and explaining why you loved them.
  • A post that's a collection of pro-woman icons.
  • A post that lists female characters of color that you find awesome as well as why.
  • A post discussing how a certain show/book/game treats all its women badly, or how you'd avoid those flaws.
  • Recommendations of media based off the female characters involved, with explanations as to why and preferably links to free samples (online videos, excerpts from books, etc).
  • An image-heavy post of how a female character's costume evolved over the seasons of a show and what you think that represents about the character as well as the forces off the set.
  • A post that lists queer female characters that are awesome, as well as why.
  • A picspam post full of images of all your favorite moments that a female character had in a show.

If you're wondering why women of color and queer females get special attention, it's because it's more difficult to find them in most media. Lists of them will make it easier for other fans to pick up books or movies that they know feature women of color or lesbian/bi women.

Examples of what's NOT acceptable:

  • "OMGZ I LOVE [char name here] DON'T YOU?! <3" No. Just no.
  • "Hey guys I wrote this fic tell me what you think!!!!" No fanworks allowed, except as part of the competitions.
  • "Check this link out about women in Iraq." This comm is about FICTIONAL female characters. For general women's issues, please go elsewhere.
  • "Did anyone see Desperate Housewives last night?!" Even if the show centers around females, that doesn't mean vague posts about shows are allowed. Please pick specific points to discuss and put them under a cut if there are spoilers.
  • "Has anyone got big pics of Xena?! I REALLY NEED THEM!" No begging, please. If you want Xena pics, Google is your friend. Or write up something about why Xena rocks and sneak a plea for the pics at the end, so that you're giving something back.